Hype Train: Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space!?

Holy Potatoes Red Comet

One of the most interesting games I discovered [and some of the coolest devs, no lie], was Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space!? which is in the Holy Potatoes line alongside Holy Potatoes! A weapon shop!? Only it’s a turn-based strategy RPG in space. Think Faster Than Light, in the same vein as its a Roguelike space-exploration title, but with a strong Starch-based economy, hilarious characters, and turned all the way up to 11! The end-goal of the game will always be the same, the main characters stay the same, but your supporting cast, places you go, items you acquire, and events will be different. Exploration is the name of the game, but you can’t just take your time: Time is definitely a factor here, as The Eclipse, a massive starship piloted by a suspiciously familiar . . . Maybe like a particular Red Comet from a certain Mecha franchise? Hmm. . .But the point is, that you can’t just explore everything. You have to consider what is most important, probably what is closest to your target before moving on.  The game is set in two simple but important phases: The crew phase, and the exploration phase.

Holy Potatoes Editorial

Crew Phase is an isometric view where you drag-and-drop upgrades to your ship and crew. The names/faces of the crew will always be different, but their roles on the ship and what kinds of weapons they can equip. You can upgrade your ship with ways to lower fatigue of your crew, new weapons, better equipment, the power to hold more people on your combat crew. After you’ve spent some time doing that, you’ll explore a planet! Your ship does have limited fuel, and if you’re low you can come back to the Stardock and resupply. But each time you leave a place to go to a place, it takes away from your time until The Eclipse catches up. When you explore a planet, you encounter a variety of situations. You might help someone with their groceries, fight another battleship, find some money, encounter a box that has money or a bomb in it, it could be anything! These situations are excellently written, randomly given to you, and the rewards are generally worth it. New crew members, weapons, money, experience. . . All behind a hilarious, and definitely in-character way. That’s the thing I love about this game, is while it’s insanely challenging, and always different, so it’s not like you can plan, it’s fun. Entertaining, well written, tons of pop-culture references that make me laugh.


Do not fight  The Eclipse. I made the mistake of ignoring my timer just once. Each shot from it does 9999 damage; you will not win. Except maybe at the end of the game. But a few hours in? No, you stay the Hell away from it. Speaking of combat though, each ship has certain amounts of weapons/slots on it, which can be targeted, as well as the hull of the ship. Blowing this stuff up will spell victory. You have shields, which you can focus on any of the spots on your ship, but not the entire ship, at least not that I’ve found. You have special abilities, which you can use to your advantage as well. It’s a turn-based game though, so you can take your time, consider what the enemy might do, and how you need to act. Though I did not play FTL, I have it! But I do love the Holy Potatoes franchise, and the Starch Economy. It shows us the paradise we could all have if we just loved potatoes a bit more.

I can see them; I can see the enemy: 5/5 Hype Train Exploded

I absolutely love this game. I can’t wait to have more time to really settle in and enjoy it and get farther. It’s clever, adorably, hilariously written, the change from real-time to turn-based is a welcome addition. I enjoy that it’s going to be different every single time I play, despite it having a regular storyline that I’m ultimately following. And it doesn’t have perma-death, which I appreciate. If I want that, I’ll play Fire Emblem or something. You lose weapons when they’re destroyed, which can suck, but hey, you can always go and get more! It’s bright, fun, while still maintaining length and challenge, for which it has no shortage of. The game’s hard, but also fun. Anyone of any experience level of roguelike/strategy games can play this and enjoy it, and it will fill you with laughter and frustration, in equal measures. I cannot say how much I enjoy this game enough. Is it without flaw? Of course not. As a fair amount of this game is random, you’re sure to hit low points, or not get what you need from a planet, waste fuel, and try to travel back to dock, only to run out of time. Stuff like that is bound to happen. But the game is fun regardless, and that’s the real important part.

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    This looks like a fun title. Jason loved FTL and talked about it all the time.

    I love the graphical style, the game play sounds fun and interesting. Having an unkillable behemoth chasing you adds a certain sense of urgent dread that keeps the game exciting.

    Definitely going to have to check this out. And who doesn’t love potatoes?!

    • Ragachak

      Not anyone that I’m willing to associate with. Potatoes are great, and so is this.

  • Mike Guzman

    This looks like fun. Stream it sometime?