Hypnotiser Guide

Hypnotiser Guide

Hypnotiser is kinda unpopular in the Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com). It might be because it doesnt do as much dmg as other jobs, but in fact this job very strong. I didn’t regret for choosing this job. It’s a very good addition to team pk you will find. Ill give you some info for being a Hpyno.

Since hypnotizer isn’t an attacker, its kinda hard to train. So training in a party or small group is only option. From lvl 1 to 15, you can basically go train by yourself, its not that hard. After lvl 15, you might want to get a few other ppl who are same lvl as you and go dungeon for training. This way is pretty fast , you can basically make it to lvl 40. You often find yourself at a situation where nobody would train with you, ya, that’s one bad thing about hypnos. Without teammates, you cant do much. Lvling after lvl 40 all depends on how much time you put in, because its pretty long and painful. And make sure go to Training camp in Dragon City if you have team, good exp there as well. Suggest you do Treasure hunt event on Wednesdays and Fridays, if you do fast you gain lots of exp.

Skills you get after job advancement require TONS of mp, so I suggest you put more into wisdom. Rest can be put into stamina just for wearing imaginary items. So I recommend 3 wisdom and 2 stamina all the way till lvl 70.

This is pretty straight forward, skill potential you get is usually enough for each time you learn skills. They are all controlling enemy skills, so they are all useful. Its good to learn them all cuz you never know what you need when you face diff enemies.

Either Agil or Control is fine for hypno. If you don’t like not doing as good dmg as others then use Agil pet and max multiple attack and madness for training points. Control is just a 2nd hypno in the team, it has the power to control over enemies, not a bad addition to your team.

It might take a while for you to see how powerful this job is, but its definitely one of the best jobs in this Elf Online.

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