Imagination Unchained

Great news for the transformers fans, Age of Armor is ready for its 2nd Close Beta Test, as to make the wait less boring; we organize the activity “Imagination Unchained”. Show off your imagination now! We have prepared special prizes for the winners.

Waste material recycling: If you are a DIYer, why not making transformable armor with some waste material, such as beer cans or paper wrappings. Look at this paper made Bumblebee. Challenge it now!

Are you good at PhotoShop? Are you good at Firework? How about your drawing technique? Come to design your own transformable armors, and show them to every transformer fans. Perhaps, some day you will drive the armor designed by yourself in Age of Armor. Hey buddies, are you ready for your own armors?

I am the master of imagination; I am the master of Armors!
Imagination Unchained; Originality Infinity!

How to take part in our activities:
1. You can visit our official forum, register and upload your works there.
Please make the title of the thread start with [IU]

2. You can send Email to with attachments.

Don’t post your accounts or passwords on the forum. However, one needs to register for the forum.

If your works obtains others’ favor, we will provide you with special rewards in the Age of Armor.

Activity Time:
From August 27 to the End of the 2nd Closed Beta.

Every week we will elect some excellent works to post on the official website. And the Author will get a gift in our Game.

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