In-game System of Angels Online

Angels Online ( is a new MMORPG from IGG ( Today we’re going to give players a little preview of the in-game system.

1. Robot System
Robots can be equipped with weapons and collection tools, and are also a good transportation tool.

These special cute robots can not only benefit players’ collection, but also can help them to fight against loathsome monsters. They can help those characters who have low attack power and defense fight against powerful monsters.

Red Cat Drive Robot, Pink Dog Drive Robot: These two robots are for those who are new to this game. Simple construction and functionality make these two easy for players to control.

Black Cat Battle Robot, Purple Dog Battle Robot: These two robots are for those who are adept at controlling robots. Although the controls are a little bit more complicated, these two will definitely help you with your collection and fights.

Penguin Robot, Youmans Robot: These two are exceptional among all the available robots. These two robots are specifically designed for mysterious people, and no one knows what special functions they are sure to possess…

2. Pet System
Pet eggs can be obtained from monster and the Pet Experts in each faction.

The Development of Pets:
1. Pets will experience 4 phases (Egg→ Junior Pet→ Secondary Pet→ Advanced Pet) in their entire lives.

2. Egg:At this phase, the pet’s appearance is an egg, and it can fight and level up, no matter what kind of eggs it is, and their abilities are the same.

3. Junior Pet:The pet will break out of the egg shell when it reaches level 15.

4. Secondary Pet: When the pets’ level is 35+, players can buy a Secondary Bloodline Certificate from the Item Mall, and use it to change their pets into a secondary pet.

5. At present, advanced pets are not available.

6. As the pet grows up, its appearance, and stats will change, and it can learn new skills as well.

3. Mounts
The following animals come from four different regions and have been trained for people to ride.

Aurora City
Steed: In Aurora City horses are the chevaliers’ preferred mounts. Owning a horse is an impressive accomplishment in the chevaliers’ view (not to mention the fact that it makes you look cool.)

Dark City
Lizard: They have very hard scales and is why the reaphook army is fond of them. They look quite awkward; however their speed is amazingly fast.

Iron Castle
Tusk Boar: They can bear high temperatures, and are renowned for their durability.
Gerbil: They like eating magic grass roots. They usually stand quietly and stare when mages cast spells.

Breeze Jungle
Dark Wolf: They are so full of pride that only their own masters can ride them.
Raptor: They are relatively huge and their feathers are regarded as a totem by some tribes. They are very brave, and they never hesitate when it’s time to fight.

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