Invasion of Ghost Khan Ends In Khan Wars 5.0

Invasion of Ghost Khan Ends In Khan Wars 5.0


Khan Wars


The Invasion of the Ghost Khan has come to an end in Khan Wars. With the lands freed from his tyranny the players can now focus on their enemies and the fight over territory and castles. The battle has never been so intense and the stakes have never been so high – rewriting medieval history!



Players can now construct Castles in their cities. Castles can be built in each city and upgraded until they reach level 10. These massive buildings grant bonuses to several very important aspects of the gameplay:


Resources – the more the Castle structure is upgraded, the more resources will mines, lumber mills and farms provide. The extra resources always come in handy when building, training, upgrading or helping your clan mates.

Training speed – training units faster is crucial to your war efforts. Being able to assemble a big army before your opponents do so gives you the upper hand and brings up a number strategic opportunities in front of you.

Prestige – Knights appointed to govern your city will receive a prestige bonus for every mission and every battle they take part of.

Clan points – With the Ghost Khan gone the Castle building will award clan points as a symbol of control over the land. Winning the round with your clan was never as challenging as it will be now! It will require defeating countless players and leaving their nations lie in ruin.



In the absence of the Ghost Khan people once again turn towards colonizing the land – players can create new cities by ordering the Noblemen to start settle marches to custom coordinates.

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