Iris Online Plans Huge Winter Update, Server Merge

Iris Online Announces Major Content Release/Server Merge



Gpotato is proud to announce that their fantasy MMORPG, Iris Online, is preparing for a winter of massive new content releases. This will be unlike anything Iris Online players have experienced before. With new zones, dungeons, game modes, pet systems, items, a new class, and even a new race, Iris Online will be receiving a makeover that will breathe new life into the already popular title.



In addition to this, Iris Online is merging its two servers, Radiant Sun and Luminous Star, into one server. This ensures the fiercest guild vs guild competition and should add for some explosive showdowns as guilds struggle to learn the advantages of the new class/races and do battle with unknown foes from the server merge.


Iris Online is showing its appreciation to the current fanbase by handing out a Legacy Package to all players. This might include mounts, costumes, or even rare titles.



Are you more of the kind of person who only cares about the day to day reality though? Well Iris Online has a slew of events planned leading up to the winter content explosion so stay tuned to OnRPG for more announcements to come. Also be sure to join the forum discussion HERE.

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