Iron Tides Kickstarter Final Weekend & Tsunami of Pain!

Iron Tides Kickstarter Final Weekend & Tsunami of Pain!

Iron Tides has just a few days left on its Kickstarter campaign, and is looking for the last bit of funding to make the project complete with another fundraising push, including a special “Tsunami of Pain” event.

Described as a ” rogue-lite genre mash of survival, exploration and tactical combat,” Iron Tides is a grid-based strategy game where players take the role of a Viking Chieftain. Players must explore, plunder, and trade to make their name on the cold dark seas.

This weekend’s “Tsunami of Pain” stream will take place on Running October 29 and October 30, 11am-6pm Pacific (2-9p Eastern), developers will battle each other on custom maps. Each match’s loser must eat a chocolate covered item – will it be a grape, or a chili pepper? Yikes!

Iron Tides Kickstarter Final Weekend & Tsunami of Pain!

The team will also field questions during the stream. Viewers who back the campaign during the event can also suggest additional challenges to the dev team as a special bonus.

Crash Wave Games, a small indie studio, is aiming to raise their Kickstarter fund request (a total of $14,200 USD) to pay back their partners and contributors and retain independence as they complete the project. As huge fans of indie game development, we here at OnRPG want to see them succeed! Iron Tides looks like it will be an incredible, fun genre mash-up where the challenge of rogue-like difficulty meets with tactical strategy in an exciting way.

If you miss the stream, you can go and back the game directly on Kickstarter!

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