Is Eudemons Online Going from 2.5D to 3D?

Is Eudemons Online Going From 2.5D to 3D?




Rumors abound that TQ Digital may be experimenting in converting their 2.5DMMORPG, Eudemons Online, into a fully functional 3D title. Going from 2.5D to 3D is a tall order to pull off, but if it’s possible it would definitely be a breath of fresh air for Eudemons. Recently the Eudemons Online dev team has released some 3D concept pictures of the city of Cronus as shown below.




Of course the concept is driving EO fans up the wall talking about the reinventing of their title with this ambitious project. The extra dimension will open up new possibilities in questing, boss challenges, and exploration.oad. OnRPG will be keeping a close eye on the project and bring an updated review of the game should this project actually become a reality.

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