ItÂ’s Spring, Find Your Love Now

In Elf Online (, there is someone special for you. Nothing is more romantic and memorable than finding your beloved one in the game and explore the Dream World together.

However, to get married, there are some conditions. First of all, you should not be already in master-apprentice relationship with each other, nor brotherhood. To make it funny, Elf Online ( the game allows one male character to date with only one female character at a time while allowing a female character dating with 3 male characters at the same time.

If the above conditions are met, you can go to the World’s No.1 Matchmaker in Dragon City for verification. After verification, you and your beloved one can formally start dating and have a special bond with each other and have an intimacy indicator.

When the intimacy level reach 3000, you two may apply to get married and go to the World No.1 Matchmaker for a wedding ceremony. If both say yes, Elf Online ( system will officially congratulate you as husband and wife. Once in a dating or marriage relationship, you can conquer the world together. You will have some special magic/power only available to couples and you can exchange or gift items to each other.

You can get out of a dating relationship or get a divorce upon mutual consent, however, if it is one sided decision, there will be some penalties.

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