Jade Dynasty Dev Journal: Events

Jade Dynasty, the highly anticipated martial arts MMORPG and third title from Perfect World Entertainment, is now open to the public!
With a plethora of quests and the inclusion of the never-seen before leveling tools, there is no shortage of ways to level and avoid the grind in Jade Dynasty. Another way that we’ve put experience (and a little extra in-game gold) at the players’ fingertips is the Daily Events.
Daily Events are scripted in-game events that players can join to gain a little extra experience, money or even a special reward. To access the Events menu, simply press ‘K’. Within this menu, events are divided by each day of the week. Some events are available every day, while others are day specific.
Once you have selected the day you’d like to browse for events, it will list all the events available during that day. Each event has the event time, event name, level requirement, event type and the number of times the quest can be completed each day. Events will also have a ‘HOT! Grade’ ,which is a star rating for the event’s popularity.
Some of our favorite events include:
Fishing Mastery
To begin this event, players must speak with the Traveling Fisherman in Sunstream City and exchange a fishing certificate for bait.  Once you have acquired a Bait, travel to the Billows and head to the dock to prove your fishing mastery! This event is available 6-7 p.m. server time, once per day and is only available to level 45 or above.
Astral Tales
The astral tales event will ask you to help defeat feared Astral Monsters.  Every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday you can participate, but you must level 30 or higher.  For levels 30 to 44, the Guard of the South in Skysong Temple starts this event.  For levels 45 to 59 the Guard of the East in The Billows starts this event and for levels 60 and up this quest starts at Guard of the West in Doom Bog.  You will be required to hunt 7 Astral Monsters and upon completion, turn the quest into the Coordinator of the Stars in Sunstream City to gain massive experience!
Treasure Hunt
To begin this event, speak with the Sky Dweller in Sunstream. He will request that you defeat a certain number of Celestial Vanguards. Once you are victorious, he will reward you with a large amount of gold. This quest can be completed three times per day, in any realm, and is only available to level 60 or above.
Totto’s Trust
To begin this quest, speak with Pet Tamer Totto in Sunstream. Complete his quest to receive Mystic Grass and Wonder Orbs, which can be used to upgrade and trade pets. This event has no limit on the amount of times you may complete it, and is available to all levels.
The Precious
To begin this quest, speak with Isamu in Sunstream.  He will ask you for 15 gold if you want to hear his secret. You will be sent on a hunt to figure out the truth and have to do some traveling to Jadeon.  Once you find resolution you will receive a great experience reward.
To begin this quest, speak with Anan in Jadeon. She is located near Hall of Founders and needs help assisting Jadeon disciples. Three array pillars were constructed to power a force barrier to suppress evil spirits in the area. However, wear and tear has weakened the pillars—Anan needs your help to repair the pillars and restore the force barrier. She will reward your efforts with 25 Taichi pills. This even can be completed between 6-8 p.m. server time, once per day, on any realm. This event is open to anyone level 15 or above.
These are just a few of the events available to players. Events and their accompanying quests can be a fun diversion and way to enhance regular gameplay. With rewards ranging from experience items, gold, gear or pet items, there’s sure to be an event for you!

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