Jade Dynasty Set to Launch Judgment Expansion

Jade Dynasty Set to Launch Judgment Expansion



Perfect World Entertainment is pleased to announce the launch of Jade Dynasty: Judgment, the latest expansion for the popular martial arts MMORPG. With today’s release of the Judgment expansion, players can look forward to tons of new content to explore and enjoy, including the brand new Voida faction, item customization features for Espers, and the gigantic Archaia zone.


The Jade Dynasty: Judgment expansion is scheduled to launch later today following today’s scheduled maintenance.



Jade Dynasty: Judgment’s Key Features Include:


New Class – Voida: Introducing the long lost sixth tribe of the Athan race. Mastery over the duality of Light and Dark makes the Voida highly adaptable, allowing players to specialize in dealing raw damage or inflicting powerful debuffs. As experts of ancient knowledge and power, Voida may enter a fast-casting ultimate state, allowing them to devastate opponents in the blink of an eye if left unchecked.


Esper Improvements: Espers are more powerful than ever with new customization options and tiers of power. Fuse Ascended Espers to gain additional powers and customize primary powers. Experiment with various combinations to create powerful Espers best suited to fit your play style.


New Zone – Archaia: Explore the mystery of the Voida’s return in this brand new zone, accessible by all levels but built to challenge endgame veterans.



New PvP and PvE Challenges: Enter spectacular 50v50 Alliance PvP battles, or hone your skills by observing the ebb and flow of war with the new spectating feature. Afterwards, challenge yourself in PvE against the bosses of the Elemental Temple instance for valuable rewards.

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