K.O.S.-Secret Operations Live!

K.O.S.-Secret Operations Live!


YNK Interactive today announced that their new first person shooter, K.O.S.-Secret Operations, launched commercially with the debut of their item mall called the Gun Shop.

“In addition to the other additions we just added to the game, we are excited to introduce the Gun Shop to K.O.S.-Secret Operations,” said Kevin Yoon, YNK Interactive Project Manager.   “It features many helpful items that will enhance the players’ in-game experience, without losing the challenging features the game has to offer.”

The first person shooter for PC is a free to play game.  Players now have the option to buy special items from the Gun Shop.  These items, such as costumes, modified weaponry and other exclusive items are intended to enhance gameplay and enable players to further customize their characters. 

YNK Interactive also made the announcement that K.O.S.-Secret Operations has teamed up with XPL, a premier gaming league for pro-level competition and tournaments. “We look forward to a long future with XPL.  They bring a lot of pro-caliber players with them, as well as organized tournaments, leagues and events.  We’re very excited to be partners with them and their stellar player community.”  First on the list of events is the first official XPL: K.O.S. Tournament, featuring a $2,500 cash purse.  The tournament is scheduled to take place February 28, 2010.

Some other activities coinciding with the game launch include: 
– EXP rate permanently raised
– New maps released
– 200 bonus Blynks, the game’s currency, will be given to everyone who redeems a YNK Game Card during the first week
– Xfire Video Capture Award event
– Announcement of the monthly “BEST CLAN IN THE WORLD” tournament


K.O.S. Secret Operations - Item Mall open and game is live

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