Kakao Games teams with Bluehole for “Project-W”


This just in:

Kakao Games, home of Black Desert Online, recently made a huge acquisition! They entered a strategic partnership with Bluehole, one of the premiere PC, creator of titles such as TERA and Devilian! We have absolutely no idea what this game will entail yet, but it’s a huge scoop, and there is a great deal of promise in this upcoming deal!  NCSoft’s former Chief Art Director, Hyung-Jun Kim. Now, I have not played Black Desert Online much, nor TERA, but I do think this is going to be a huge deal! Both games are gorgeous, and have unique approaches to their gameplay. I’m genuinely excited to see what kind of game springs from this partnership. Little to nothing is known about Project W though, and I’m hoping we get something exclusive on it soon. Kakao is one hell of a publisher, and their investment in Bluehole as well as their willingness to publish their title says a lot about the faith they have in Bluehole as well as this project. If Black Desert Online is any indicator, this is going to be a huge gamechanger for the MMO market. We’re going to keep our eyes on what this “Project W” is, and we hope to have something for you before too long!

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