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Seoul, Korea –Friday, 14th August, 2009 – NHN revealed today more details about the closed beta schedule for its upcoming MMORPG Karos Online. Players registering at www.karosgame.com can apply for access to the first Closed Beta Weekend Event, which will take place from Friday, August 21st until Sunday, August 23rd. The precise times when the servers will open will be announced on Karos Online official website, www.karosgame.com. There will be more Closed Beta Weekend events, dates to be released later. Access to any Closed Beta Weekend event also grants access to the following ones. The game is scheduled to be released in English during Q4 2009, followed by versions in German and Turkish.

In the first Weekend Event, players can choose from three different character races, with each race offering one class. Classes can specialise twice during the course of the game, a choice of four focused sub-classes . During the first phase of Closed Beta, only the first specialisation will be available.

Races and classes in Karos Online:
• Humans are the dominant race in the world of Asmara. Although their physical forms offer
little advantage, Humans are highly adaptable and adept at survival. Their intelligence and
cunning sense of diplomacy have enabled them to spread quickly across Asmara, developing a wide variety of languages and cultures.
? The Human Blader is a valiant melee fighter, who specializes in wielding twohanded
weapons. He specialises first into a Swordsman or Spearman.
• The proud, handsome race of Shadows are easily distinguished by their pale blue skin and
fine figures. They come from the remote Eastern Regions of Asmara, and have only recently
come to friendlier terms with Humans after centuries of open hostility. The Shadows have a
very sophisticated native culture, and their blood carries a unique type of magic, which has
passed down through many generations.
? The Shadow Rogue is a deadly master of deception, expert in wielding dual weapons for maximum damage. He can specialise in either Daggers and their critical attacks, becoming an Assassin, or Swords and the art of Evasion, becoming a Duelist.
• The Seroines are a beautiful half-human, half-elemental race who are very closely bonded
with nature. Seroines have interacted with Humans for a long time, have no appetite for
conflict or politics and pursue balance in everything they do. They are very gifted with magic,
and can communicate with the natural spirits.
? The Seroine Bowmistress is a skilled expert in ranged combat. She can
specialise in either stunning and mesmerising opponents as an Archer, or longrange,
high-damage attacks as a Ranger.

Two more races and six more classes will be revealed and made accessible to players during the
Open Beta and after Commercial Launch.

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