Karos Online: Details revealed on the ‘Fletta’ Game Mechanics

NHN revealed today more details about the Fletta game mechanics in its upcoming MMORPG Karos Online. The first phase of Karos Online’s closed beta took place last weekend, generating a lot of interest and participation from the community. Pleased with the game’s initial reception and feedback, NHN have confirmed that they intend to adapt the game in line with player requests as much as possible.
The dates of additional Closed Beta Weekend events will be announced shortly, and players possessing an access code for any Closed Beta Weekend may continue to play in future phases. Karos Online is scheduled to be released in English in Q4 2009, with versions in German and Turkish to follow later.

Gameplay in Karos Online is centered around the concept of Fletta, the magical energy which underpins the world of Asmara. To prevent Malyx, the Lord of Darkness, from hoarding all the Fletta for himself and casting a curse of darkness over the world, the five races on Asmara have banded together against him, constantly battling his forces for domination of the Fletta supply. Fletta has many uses in the game, and is available in two main forms:

1. Fletta Points, representing a character’s personal store of Fletta energy, accumulates when killing monsters in Karos Online, and can be used in several ways. It can be
– Spent to raise helpful character attributes; this allows additional development of characters alongside the game’s traditional levelling
– Kept (up to the level limit) to provide a boost to Experience Points
– Used to cast very powerful skills at higher levels
– Donated to designated NPCs in each region for access to local items and bonuses

2. Fletta Gem items are special weapons and armours that adapt in stats, appearance and level based on the wearer’s level and class. These are very valuable pieces that effectively level up with your character! These items can be crafted by specific NPCs from Fletta Gem Shards that players can find during gathering activities such as mining and fishing. Fletta Gem items come in six different quality grades, and can be upgraded through enchanting. Player guilds can battle for control over the Mines where Fletta Gem Shards can be found, and these Mines may change hands every 4-7 days.

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