Karos Online: PvP details released

More details have emerged about the PvP gameplay in the upcoming MMORPG Karos Online.
Dates of additional Closed Beta Weekend events will be announced shortly here on OnRPG, and players possessing an access code for any Closed Beta Weekend may continue to play in future phases. Karos Online is scheduled to be released in English during Q4 2009, with versions in German and Turkish to follow later.
PvP is a strong feature in Karos Online, and is very tightly linked to the social and economic system of the game. Players who enjoy PvP can choose from a variety of experiences, all rich with opportunities to show off their skills and write their own histories in-game.
Guild alliances and rivalries: In Karos Online, every guild leader can register other guilds as either allies or enemies. All members of the guild can then immediately recognize these players as friends or foes, and decide to help them or kill them on sight when they meet in the world of Asmara. Expect the game of alliances and rivalries to be intense and political!
Fletta mine takeovers: The precious mines where players dig for the magical energy Fletta become vulnerable to takeovers once each week, and guilds can fight over them in massive PvP battles. The victorious guild earns the privilege to control the Fletta resources of the region, and decides when the next takeover will be (within a timeframe of 4 to 7 days).
Castle sieges: After commercial launch, regular castle siege battles are planned to be added to Karos.
Karos Online will feature several interesting PvP features

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