Kasedo Games Announces Upwards, Lonely Robot

Kasedo Games Announces Upwards, Lonely Robot header

Kasedo Games is proud to announce that it will be publishing Random Layer’s upcoming title Upwards, Lonely Robot – a Puzzle Platformer with a heart-wrenching sci-fi storyline, told through the short messages you receive from your creator as he attempts to rectify a science experiment gone horribly wrong.

In Upwards, Lonely Robot, you are the eponymous robot tasked with ascending a series of towers in the search for your creators. Each tower climbed unlocks a little more behind the mystery of your creation – with plenty of finger-twisting jumps and vicious enemies to overcome along the way. Not only that, but players must complete each level with an increasingly challenging countdown timer putting them under even more pressure.

Simple to play but difficult to master, Upwards, Lonely Robot combines addictive “one more try” gameplay with quirky, endearing art direction, and an intriguingly cryptic story to bring you a gaming experience unlike any other. Upwards, Lonely Robot also features local and online competitive 2-player. Challenge your friends and see who can reach the top first, or compare times on the global leaderboards.

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