Killing Floor 2 is coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X

On August 29th, Killing Floor 2 will be available on the Xbox One and will be a launch title for the Xbox One X. It will cost 39.99 on both consoles and will contain exclusive content for the game. Xbox One Exclusive Content [will be available on other platforms at a later date] and Mixer support – Spray zeds with liquid nitrogen and shatter them to pieces with the Freezethrower, an Xbox One exclusive weapon for the Survivalist Perk. The Freezethrower comes with eight weapon skins to customize your weapon’s appearance. Also, you can sport the Wasteland Armor uniform, an Xbox One exclusive cosmetic outfit, with five different styles. Killing Floor 2 includes all previously released content packs including The Tropical Bash and The Descent and elements of The Summer Sideshow including the Tragic Kingdom map, Weekly Outbreak Game Mode and 2 new weapons (HZ12 Shotgun & Centerfire Lever Action Rifle).

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