Knight Age Facebook Poll Reveals Favorite Features as OB Approaches

Knight Age Facebook Poll Reveals Favorite Features as OB Approaches



Joymax’s newest free-to-play MMORPG, Knight Age, will enter open beta testing beginning August 28th.  Soon everyone will have a chance to play this unique riding-action, 3D fantasy MMORPG!  But to pass the time until launch, they sought out the community’s opinion on their favorite features via Facebook to see what made CB players want to return for round 2.



The results are in, and “Mounts” were definitely voted as Knight Age’s most noted trait.  Battles are mainly fought on mounts, which can be raised and strengthened with skills to benefit the player’s tastes.  Ranging from quacking ducks to fierce tigers, the newly added mounts for the Open Beta Test will open up even more choices!



“Pupa”, pets that can also be raised alongside mounts, came in at number two.  These pets will become a player’s trusty companion depending on how they are nurtured.  With a variety of Pupa to choose from, they can be collected and even combined to create a stronger Pupa.  Just like newly added mounts, players can expect a double the amount of Pupa added for the Open Beta Test!



Coming in at number three was “Unique Combat”. Combat is carried out on mounts with a trusty Pupa by the side. This type of unique combat requires players to maneuver through maps and attack enemies with skill and strategy.  Of course, this also applies to battles between players.  One of the major additions to the Knight Age Open Beta Test will be a colossal scale of 1 vs. 100 PVP that centers on battling for the legendary sword: Excalibur.  The Open Beta Test will also focus on building and managing a guild, known as “Order of Knights”, which will become essential for the guild battle that could amount up to 50 vs. 50!  To battle against another player, it will purely depend on a player’s skill, quick thinking and teamwork!



Last but not least, another fan favorite includes dungeons. These randomly generated dungeons will not only test a player’s power against the monsters but also their ability to move through the traps and puzzles to reach the final boss. The boss has a chance to drop rare Pupa eggs that will be like none ever seen before!



Overall, players are excited with all that Knight Age has to offer and are looking forward to the Open Beta Test.  This is the best time to join the game with 17 different events in store.  There will be prizes and events for everything; from simply registering in the game to battling for the legendary Excalibur!  The Open Beta Test will even feature grand off-line prizes including a brand new laptop and iTunes gift cards!  Keep an eye on for the most up to the minute updates on the game.

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