Knight Online: Forgotten Frontiers Expansion Part 2

Weapons and Armor:

Cursed Weapons:
Artifacts of a bygone era, their power undiminished despite having been torn into pieces and scattered throughout the land. Each one is thought to be inhabited by the remnant of an ancient spirit, a lingering, malicious consciousness bent on remaining in this plane for as long as possible. Unsympathetic to either Karus or El Morad, they care only to be used, to cleave and cut and curse and kill as many enemies as possible

Separated they pose no threat. Pieced together, however, they form the most intimidating and deadly arsenal ever seen in all of Carnac. However dangerous, stories are beginning to be told of brazen soldiers on both sides of the conflict attempting to recover the materials necessary to once again bring them to life…

Cursed Weapons are a brand new addition in Knight Online: Forgotten Frontiers, and players with the skill and luck necessary to create them will undoubtedly be the most intimidating sight on the battlefield. More than just implements of damage, Cursed Weapons inflict devastating status effects on opponents that can alter the very mechanics of a fight. They can force their targets skills into their cooldown period or forbid them from using potions, or even transform targets, shrinking them (lowering their attack and defense), turning them into undead beasts, or even harmless Kauls.

To get them you must first battle the members of the Dragon Horse Tribe that have invaded the redesigned Ronark Land PvP zone. Each one carries a piece necessary to the eventual construction of a Cursed Weapon. Then you’ll need to get your hands dirty, as the remainder of the pieces are buried in ancient fossils. Grab your pickax and hope for the best, but beware the ancient fossil guardians.

7th Defense Armor:
With the discovery of new lands comes new means of production. The Dominion of Krowaz is home to some of the best materials around for crafting armor, and Knights adventuring here will collect all the pieces necessary to construct the powerful 7th Defense Armor. Rather than a separate armor set, 7th Defense Armor is similar to other armors found throughout the lands, but is much more powerful. It’s stronger, more protective, more durable, and grants increased stat bonuses. This extra defense won’t come easy; the only way to acquire the materials necessary to craft the 7th Defense Armor is to defeat all of Krowaz’s, lieutenants and eventually Krowaz, the death god himself.

Bahamut Armor:
Though both Cursed Weapons and 7th Defense Armor may be constructed by intrepid Knights, the most accomplished smiths in the land guard the secrets of their craft jealously. Thus the brand new Bahamut Armor may only be purchased—though not at great cost. Bahamut Armor, like Gryphon and Valkyrie before it—changes your overall appearance and lets you choose a way to customize your character by adding one of the following stat enhancements:
Hit points + 200
Defense Power + 30
Experience Gain Rate +4%
Noah Drop Rate +6%

Both the armor and helm may be upgraded separately, meaning a full suit confers double the bonuses! Visit the Power Up Store in-game to be among the first to sport this new gear.

Closed Beta testing for Forgotten Frontiers is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 7th. (As a special bonus, all Knights who help us test out Forgotten Frontiers will receive a free gift useful for crafting the newly released weapons and armor when the expansion launches later in the month)

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