Knight Online: Forgotten Frontiers Expansion Part 3

Forgotten Frontiers will introduce players to an exciting world of danger and adventure. The expansion features three exciting new zones for players to explore. Each of these new areas will test a player’s skill and courage as they fight to advance their nation’s cause.
Despite its lush and tropical appearance danger lurks around every corner in the Dominion of Krowaz. Tread lightly, as traps line the entrance to the temple grounds. Watch out for poison gas, whirling blades, barbed nets and thundering boulders! Spend too long admiring the scenery, though, and you might just find yourself on the business end of an enemy raiding party bent on hoarding Krowaz’s lost loot for themselves, or come face to face with one of the nightmare creatures that constantly patrol for intruders. It may sound dangerous, but Krowaz and his trusted lieutenants introduce new item drops used to construct some of the most formidable armor sets yet seen in Carnac.
Before players have an opportunity to take on Krowaz himself, they’ll get to fortify their skills in the Ronark Land Base. This brand new PvP zone is specially tailored for characters level 35-69. The landscape is littered with remains of the past; vacant temples and crumbled formations dot the battlefield like corpses. Those who plan to fight here will have much to learn if they intend to come out the victor. Failure will bring shame to the nation and incur the loss of nation points.
The nations of El Morad and Karus have recently established castles in the frontier territory of Oreads, and are now locked in a vicious siege as they attempt to destroy the enemy’s castle. Oreads is a tactics-heavy map accessed via the weekly Lunar Wars, and introduces radically new combat tactics that promise to deliver a siege experience unlike any players have ever had. Castle defenses include usable turrets, environmental hazards like burning pitch, tumbling logs, and spikes, and a retractable portcullis. Destructible walls and new siege vehicles ensure that defenders don’t have all the advantages, and a no-man’s-land in between both castles offers benefits and drawbacks depending on the terrain including swamplands that strengthen all attributes but slow down running speed.
In addition to the new lands, frontier cartographers have mapped out new territories in existing zones. Ronark Land has received an update and now includes vastly more navigable terrain. Knights bent on creating the new Cursed Weapons may mine ancient fossils for materials and battle the encroaching Dragon Horse Tribe for the necessary components. Intrepid explorers have even constructed a monument in the center of the map. Whichever nation controls it controls the zone, and spawns the creatures they need for their nation specific quests!

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Next week we discuss the New Expanded PVP Experience that will be found in the Knight Online: Forgotten Frontiers Expansion.
This is part 3 of 4 weekly stories for the new expansion leading up to the launch.

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