Kongregate to Co-Publish Chrono Tales

Chrono Tales

Longregate and Ray Media Group Ltd had signed a channeling collaboration to co-publish the famous 3D browser game “Chrono Tales” in http://www.kongregate.com/

Ray Media is very happy to join hand with Kongregate, they are looking forward to make a blast around the global game market by merge their game development resource and their marketing experience.

They are going to launch server 34, “Bighorn Field” (Global) on 4:00 am Mar. 27th EDT (GMT-4). Kongregate members can directly play the game without having to create a separate account.

Below are the game new features we received from the official. Chrono Tales has updates quite a lot of new content during the past several months, and more exciting features are under development.

  1. New opening events provided to the top players with free diamond & coupon.
  2. New Super Leap System which can enhance players’ combat flexibility as well as attributes.
  3. New skill level is available for each class to allow player enhance their character during the end-game phase.
  4. To enhance Warrior class, Sword Sweeping skill is redesigned.
  5. New world Boss Deathwing the Destroyer has descent, waiting for the most powerful adventures to challenge.
  6. New Massive PvP Event – Chaos Desert. In the event, players can enjoy the immersive killing spree and win bounteous rewards.
  7. There are many new items updated, such as new Rune words, new garments.

“We’re thrill to be qualified by Kongregate to bringing this free 3D browser game up to their portal. Chrono Tales has already dominated a large part of SEA market, especially popular around internet cafes in Philippine. We hope this cooperation could clone the prosperity to USA.” said Torrez, the General Manager of Ray Media Group Ltd.

For more info, visit http://ct.gamedp.com/index/

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