KOS And Krazy Aces Announced

Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive announces at E3 Expo of two new games to come out Fall 2009:  Krazy Aces, an online aerial combat racing game and K.O.S., a first person shooter (FPS).  Both are free to play multiplayer games for PC.
“If you’re not already a fan of FPS games, K.O.S. will surely make you one,” said Brian Udarbe, Lead of YNK Interactive’s K.O.S. Division.  “And with the casual gaming style of Krazy Aces, it’s a game that even non gamers of all ages will enjoy.”
K.O.S. will be YNK Interactive’s first FPS game.  With its Global Ranking System for bragging rights and an Online Clan System that allows friends from across the world to unite against their enemies, this upcoming game will bring players together for the single purpose of FPS domination.
Krazy Aces offers both solo and party play that can be played by up to 8 players racing simultaneously, with the highest ranking pilots being featured on the website.   Players can customize their characters and aircraft at Krazion’s Shop & Garage, or upgrade their craft’s abilities by collecting cards that can be obtained from mini games.
“With the addition of both games to our line-up, Q3 of this year will be a busy yet exciting season,” said Mariness Didulo, Associate Marketing Manager of YNK Interactive.
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