Kung Foo! Twitter Event

Kung Foo! Twitter Event


Kung Foo! has recently put out a call for a “hero” position and is currently accepting applications. According to the Kung Foo! crew  the applicants so far have been subpar with many asking for a hero “finder’s fees” to be wired to faraway places like Somalia and Nigeria.

But now they have started recruiting using Twitter and the response there has been much better!


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If you think you might have the right “foo” for the job, you can let them know by following the official Kung Foo! Twitter account to get their attention with you best #FOO puns.

Example of #FOO puns (guideline only):

• Get #FOO or get out
• Give me #FOO or give me death
• Join the #FOO Nation
• May the #FOO be with you
• Got #FOO?

Kung Foo! Official Twitter: http://twitter.com/kungfoogame

Also don’t forget to follow OnRPG on Twitter and expect a couple of bad #FOO pun attempts from our crew!


Kung Foo! - Looking for a New Hero via Twitter!

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