Kunlun Online Closed Beta to Launch March 31st

Kunlun Online Closed Beta to Launch March 31


SmartCell Technology announced launch of Closed Beta for its new MMORPG Kunlun Online. The CB starts March 31, 2010. Originally the CB was intended to start on the 26th, but this has been moved a few days ahead do the 31st.
Kunlun Online is a 2.5D Free-to-Play Chinese fantasy-themed MMORPG based on mythological classic Shan Hai Jing.
This is the second MMORPG title from SmartCell and developed on proprietary 2.5D Lumina game engine. It has a Chinese version that have recently entered open beta, registering hundreds of thousands players. The launch of Closed Beta in North America introduces an English based, international version of the game that is adapted with care while originality is preserved as much as possible.
Key Features
• A Beautiful Divine World – with mythical creatures unseen, stories unheard of , and rituals never experienced before
• Adrenaline-pumping  PVP System – free to engage in battles in form of tribe vs. tribe, clan vs. clan, team vs. team, or one on one. Legend making is for real!
• DIY Characters – allocate attribute and skill points hence build a unique character to your like.
• Dazzling Equipment Enhancement – legend says the Five Elements can strengthen or weaken each other. One’s power and fight become unpredictable when he or she enhances equipments with the star-upgrade and the five-element gem inlay
• Never Fight Alone – powerful and royal pets are always at your side
Many more features and CB information may be found on the Kunlun Online official game web site.



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