La Tale announces newest chapter

OGPlanet, a publisher of innovative massively multiplayer online games, has introduced extensive additions to La Tale, its 2D side-scrolling MMORPG. In the game’s newest chapter, the world of La Tale has opened up even further with the addition of 11 new zones. Among the new zones are the icy Snowfield, the mysterious Dark Forest, and the beautiful Crystal Mine. Two new instance dungeons, The Moon of the 16th Day and the Pyramid Treasure Vault, will challenge players to utilize their hard-earned skills.

One of the most-anticipated new additions to La Tale is the introduction of pets. Pets are now available for purchase, as well as various accessories to increase pets’ stats. La Tale has also introduced Enchanting and Upgrade systems that will enable players to improve their characters’ gear, and a Beauty Shop featuring customizable hairstyles and facial features.

“This update is the first of many new chapters to La Tale,” said Ross Park, La Tale producer. “One of the most rewarding and exciting parts of working on an MMO is the ability to constantly improve and add to the game, and we’re looking forward to setting the OGPlanet community loose on the abundant new content in La Tale.”

While OGPlanet put the finishing touches on the new La Tale content, players did not have any shortage of in-game activities. On Oct. 25, the winners of the La Tale World Tour contest faced off in the Paper-Scissors-Rock Off, an epic battle to determine once and for all who was the master of finger combat. Plus, on Halloween and Nov. 1, players will compete in La Tale’s unique Beast Bingo Event.

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