La Tale: new zones and LaDeck system introduced

Two months after its worldwide launch, OGPlanet’s massively multiplayer side-scroller La Tale is opening yet another chapter of its fantastic world.

Players can explore new areas and brave new challenges. Ves, the newest city, offers beautiful scenery inspired by Indian culture and architecture. Orca Beach and the Jungle are as lush as they are dangerous. Plus, for the truly brave, the Ruin of Ktuka offers great treasures and secrets to those who can survive its challenges.

“The diverse new zones being added to La Tale give players even more to do and see,” said Ross Park, La Tale producer. “Each individual area has its own unique look and feel, and players will find themselves completely immersed in their new surroundings.”
Also coming to the world of La Tale in this new update is the LaDeck system. For just 9 Astros (OGPlanet’s cross-game currency), players can buy Gold Darts of Luck and use it to mark a square on a 20 x 20 LaDeck grid. Behind each square is a prize that ranges from potions to exclusive, ultra-rare items, but players will have to be quick and lucky to be the first to select the 1st Prize square!

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