La Tale: Special Event for Beginners

Many games offer in-game events aimed at long time players. La Aeria Games has now announced that they will add events specifically aimed at newbies!
Upon starting the game, you create your own personal character, who will accompany you on your journey through the world of LaTale.
Thrilling tasks, mighty opponents, beautiful regions and a vast amount of items await you! You’ll be impressed by the sheer number of different dungeons.
Be pitted against powerful bosses in life and death struggles!
Accept their challenge and be rewarded with rare and mighty items.
Explore the continent of Giendia, alone or with a party of friends.  It’s up to you!
Make your way through the virtual world of the Kingdom of Elias!
On your journey you might also find different valuable or powerful items.
Let it be weapons, armors, clothing or other collectables; the variety of items in LaTale is unrivaled!
LaTale offers you action, excitement, fun and new adventures with like-minded players and friends.
To get started you simply have to register and download the client afterwards.
To make it easier, especially on new players, we have planned out an event that will help you to raise your character faster than usual, so you can get right into the heart of the game.

La Tale Event Schedule
For more information you can visit La Tale’s forum.
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