Large extension for Bounty Bay Online on the horizon

With a significant expansion of the world of Bounty Bay Online, Berlin-based publisher Frogster is about to stir the quiet waters of the Pacific Ocean! Scheduled for release in Q4 2009 “Beyond the Horizon” will add six new cities on the shores of North and South America and much more new content and new features to the historic sailor MMO world. For the first time ever, players will have the opportunity to circumvent the world by taking the route around Cape Hoorn and across the Pacific. Available in German and English first, French players will be able to explore the new content a few months later. Like all previous add-ons, “Beyond the Horizon” will be available for free. The website is online now and will provide information about the upcoming add-on regularly.

On their journey across the seas, players will travel to the legendary lands of the Maya in Beyond the Horizon“, where, amidst imposing pyramids, players will find a new challenging, instanced, quest line. More instances like the Labyrinth on Crete or the Caves of Gibraltar await players following the compelling new quest lines.

New Area New Quests

Moreover, players will be able to choose from five new character classes called professions in “Beyond the Horizon“. Where players only could advance their skills and careers so far, they can now choose to become a Treasure Hunter, Armed Businessman, Royal Military Officer, Imperial Guardian or Caribbean Pirate. Every profession has their own skill-tree of specialties that can be raised by allocating skill-points.

Another important new feature of the historical world of sea-faring adventurers will be several merchants alliances like the Iberian or the Arabian merchant alliance: Individual players or complete guilds will be able to join them. Together they are then able to access special quest lines that yield exceptional rewards. Additional high-lights of “Beyond the Horizon” are a new wedding system, new wardrobe/clothes sets, several new mini-games, over 40 new main quests and several new pets. Furthermore the new ranking systems of “Beyond the Horizon” will appeal to those players who always wanted to know who are the strongest guilds, the best land-lubbing fighters, the best fishermen or the wealthiest players overall!

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