Last Chaos Launches Tarian, The Frozen Tundra

Last Chaos Launches Tarian, The Frozen Tundra



Aeria Games has just released one of the biggest content patches ever for Last Chaos. The new content patch is the largest since 2009, and allows players to access a new zone as part of the level cap increase from 165 to 175. This massive content patch also comes with a re-imagined dungeon, an increased skill level, and new gear.



New content included in this content patch:


  • New Zone: The new zone, “Tarian, the Frozen Tundra,” is open to players who are at or near the level cap. This new zone contains monsters all the way up to level 175 and is in a snow map that prominently features a frozen lake, a dark tower and several new and re-imagined monsters.
  • Level Cap Increase: Players can now level up from 165 to 175, the first level cap increase since 2009. The level cap increase comes complete with new gear, new monsters, extended skills, new quests, and a brand new zone.
  • Re-Imagined Dungeons: Visit the “Temple of Forgetfulness,” a re-imagined dungeon with many new features. The Temple now includes a time attack zone, a treasure hunt, a new boss and several new monsters.
  • Increased Skill Level: The addition of an extra level and a corresponding upgrade in power allows players to increase their skill levels.
  • New Gear: Brand new sets of gear will provide more power to players. Players must level up in order to get access to the new gear.


Check out some additional screenshots here!

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