Lawbreakers: Closed Alpha Thoughts

I love Lawbreakers, but we’re being critical today! I will be keeping my eyes peeled on further Alpha/Beta updates and keeping you guys appraised, fear not!

2016-06-20 12_14_30-Greenshot

Lawbreakers had a “Closed Alpha” event this weekend, where you can play their first game mode and the starting cast of the game. What do I think about it? Well, I played it at a Press Event earlier this year, and the two versions feel a little different. One complaint I genuinely have, is WHAT HAPPENED TO KICK? I thought it was gone, but perhaps it was not! I have been informed that it was bound to “J”, but I did not see it. Entirely likely that I missed it. As a result, I got wrecked by every assassin that exists. If I had seen it, I would not have been nearly as frustrated. Also not being able to leave a lobby was a little bothersome. I had to alt-f4 to try and find different teammates.

2016-06-20 12_14_15-Greenshot

The game is still beautiful, the gameplay is still really quite tight. I’m not super wild about the Battery Mode, because right now they feel incredibly one sided. It can be very vexing to get the Battery to 100%, have five seconds left, lose the battery and then subsequently lose the game. I am not saying this is bad, it’s just not a game mode I’m as hyped for. I’m waiting on Turf War and the other mode, which should be really intense. I really wanted to play the new map they hyped up [and we did as well!], but have not seen it yet, which made me a little sad. This game is still incredible, I’m hyped for it, and you should be too. For anyone with major complaints about matchmaking, not winning, things like that? Shut up. It’s not even in beta yet. That’s not why you’re playing! You’re playing to learn how the game plays, find things wrong and right with it, and let them know! That’s the worst part about alpha/beta tests. People. Whine. About. Stupid. Shit. There are final thoughts though:

  • No indication of how low the enemy is drives me bonkers.
  • I can’t really comment on how it ran though; the PC that we played on originally is likely a lot stronger than mine.  It did feel a bit sluggish.
  • Still LOVE the low-G/zero-G stuff. That can be a little dizzying for me, but I love it.
  • Characters are badass. Violence, gore, cool guns, rockets, I feel a tug towards these characters. I want to know more about them.
    • Maybe vignettes from their perspective? That’d be pretty awesome. [Please send Royalty Checks to:]
  • All told, it’s an Alpha. It’s gonna have issues. Don’t let that distract you from it being a genuinely great game.

Lawbreakers is a lot of fun, and you’d be foolish to turn a blind eye to it. Cliff’s brainchild is going to be a huge deal the closer it comes to fruition, and I can’t wait to see what comes next! Lawbreakers is hype, and you should be hype FOR it.

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