League of Angels II DLC: Enter the Golden Era

LoA 2 News

League of Angels II is entering “The Golden Era”. The Golden Era content has arrived in League of Angels II, and includes Lulu and Isha, which are two new Artifact Heroes. There are also new Artifact suits, Ghost Festival and Summer Fantasy, as well as the Artifact mount Aviatrix.  Isha could be the most powerful Artifact hero of 2017 and is one of the original Angels present during the mass exodus from their own world. She wields the Eye of Heaven and wields Ancient Power for destructive results.

There are also new challenges and gameplay additions, such as The Trial of Valor in September, which will allow players to engage in PVE and GVE battles that will test your skills, your gear, and so much more. It will put you to the ultimate test, and only the wisest players can find the balance for victory. Grand Expedition is coming for PVP enthusiasts, which is the largest-scale cross-server Guild PVP mode in the game. Soul Arms will also be released in the future, which are wielde dby the Artifact heroes. Collect certain Soul Arms and players will be rewarded with “Divine Edge”, which greatly boosts power rating.

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