League of Legends: ANOTHER Ryze Update?


So, I’ve been playing League of Legends since Season 2. That’s not new, that’s old ground. But today I saw that a Ryze rework, visual and skill-based is coming. He’s already had an update! Last year, during Season 5 Ryze was reworked. That one didn’t really come with a serious visual update, and the skill changes weren’t major. But this time around, he has a whole new look and feel! I’m insanely glad his look got an update. Also thanks to Kamikaze Miko for posting it; that’s how I saw it first, then a few other friends popped up on social media and started talking about it. He’s had a good three or four attempts to be what he needs to be. Let’s just go over his new powers real quick before I get down to what I really think:

Passive: Arcane Mastery: Bonus damage based on bonus mana, and max. mana is increased by a percentile of his ability power.

Q: Overload:  Passive: Casting other spells resets the cooldown of Overload and charges up a Rune. Cast a non-Overload spell in a time frame to fully charge the Rune, or cast Overload to cancel that.  Active: Fire a Runic blast, dealing magic damage to the first target hit. If he has a rune, he is given a shield and a temporary movement speed buff.

W: Rune Prison: Instantly root a target and deals magic damage.

E: Spell Flux: Deals magic damage and marks it with Flux. Ryze’s next spell on targets marked with Flux does something extra special. Overload: Bonus damage and bounces around to other Flux targets. Rune Prison: Root duration is doubled. Spell Flux: Applies Flux to all nearby enemies. If a target marked by Flux is killed by any champion, it spreads Flux around to nearby enemies.

R: Realm Warp: Open a portal to a short distance away. A few seconds later, all allied units within the portal’s sphere of influence are warped to the target location. It can’t be self-cast, because that’d be silly.


Ryze is a Street Fighter character now. He’s always been about the combo, but I always felt back then it was more, “Hit R, slap your buttons as fast and furiously as possible”.  Now it matters a lot more what you do and when. And that ult? What if I throw my ult down on top of the allied Galio while he’s prepping ult, and drop it right on top of the enemy team? Now they can’t get away. There are so many insane combos that could come of this. Use it with Malphite, he ults as soon as he appears, and a nearby Yasuo blasts people into little bits. He’s no longer the insane, 1v5 huehuehuehue death machine, but he brings intense, sudden utility and damage that can really put another team off their game. As an aside, he has NINE skins? I know some are incredibly hard to get, but Jesus damn! At least Taric’s finally getting a new skin. . . All in all, the Ryze rework, coming in a little while, is pretty fantastic. I’m willing to bet people will whine because now they can’t just snowball out of control and flail at their keyboard angrily to win . . but, welcome to League!

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    I really want you to be ashamed you are excited for Baywatch Taric.. but you aren’t. You aren’t even a little.

    • Ragachak

      Not even an ounce. I’ve been waiting on a Taric skin since I first started.

  • Herschel Pilcher III

    All in all however, I never had any interest in playing Ryze before, and, while I’m happy to see him getting a rework to make him more skill tactical, I’m still really not all that interested in Ryze and I’m not completely sure why. I enjoy the mage role, I have a fair number of mages, Ryze just never leaped out at me screaming ‘PLAY ME YOU WORTHLESS FOOL!’ like Syndra did.

    • Ragachak

      I’m not wild about Ryze either, I won’t lie. But that ult really catches my eye. Even if I won’t play him, I do know people who I can make ludicrous plays with. The new motto for Ryze is “git gud or git rekt”.