League of Legends: Enter, the “Mercy” Rule

League Of Legends 2016 Season

League of Legends is pretty well known for having one of the most toxic and vile communities on the whole of the Internet. Something about anonymity and competitive matches with points on the line turns people into rabid, hate-filled monsters. It’s worse in ranked than normal play, in just about every bracket. Sure, it’s more venomous the lower you go because a lot of Bronze players feel like they can never climb, so it’s not worth it to be good to their teammates. . . But what happens when someone disconnects, ragequits, or trolls and does nothing?  Normally, you just have to take the loss, or fight til the bitter end [I’ve seen a lot of 4v5s win, and been on several of those], or, with the current patch, there’s a new “Remake” function. If you have someone on your team that ragequits or is flagged “AFK” for at least 90 seconds during the three minute mark, AND NO FIRST BLOOD HAS BEEN CLAIMED, the short-handed team can use “/Remake”.

League of Legends Illaoi

What’s that do, you ask? Glad you inquired, friend! If 30% or more of the team vote yes, the person who Raged/DCed out will take full loss, be flagged by leaver buster, and everyone else can leave the game without harming their record in any way. However, they do point out that in Diamond V or higher, if you are on a premade and someone DCs, everyone on the team suffers a loss. No having one of your friends take a bullet for the team when you think you’ll be outclassed. They’re going to keep an eye on this, so apparently lower than that, they can get away with it. I would not have pointed that out..


I think this is a brilliant addition to League of Legends, it’s kind of like a mercy rule.  I’m so glad the enemy team doesn’t get to vote; if I were on the larger team, there’s no way I’d just let them slide; I want points too, you know. So, I’m very glad they made that design choice. I cannot stress enough that FIRST BLOOD CANNOT HAVE BEEN CLAIMED. Say one of your teammates blurts out you have a DC/Ragequit, or they find out. Now that everyone knows how this system works, you can expect a LOT of teams moving on one lane, just to get that kill. Why? Because people who play this game can be really damn heartless. Would I, in their shoes? I probably would. As a player who is in a pretty bad MMR despite my rank, I’d do want whatever advantage I could get.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Should it have happened back in Season 2 when the community started to really cruise aggressively towards the proverbial iceberg.

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