League of Legends Launches Dominion Mode

League of Legends Launches Dominion Mode


Riot Games, the game company behind League of Legends, today announced the launch of League of Legends: Dominion, a brand-new capture-and-hold game mode for the hit multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title. Now available to play in North America and Europe, Dominion is an evolution of the MOBA genre, with faster action and tactical gameplay played on an all-new map, the Crystal Scar. Check out Phreak’s Spotlight on the new mode now!

“With Dominion, we wanted to answer our players’ desire for innovation with a fast-paced, complementary experience to classic League of Legends,” said Marc Merrill, president of Riot Games and executive producer of League of Legends. “Now that it’s available to all League of Legends players, it’s going to be amazing to watch them develop strategies and dominate on the Crystal Scar!”



League of Legends: Dominion features:

Capture-and-hold gameplay:
Summoners battle it out for control of five unique strategic targets, capturing points from the opposing team and defending them against enemy intrusion.

An all-new map:
The action in League of Legends: Dominion takes place in the Crystal Scar, a highly contested, war-torn mining village featuring stunning new art crafted specifically for the new map.

Fast-paced action:
League of Legends: Dominion is an accelerated version of classic League of Legends gameplay – matches last around 20 minutes, so gamers can enjoy a rapid-fire alternative to the more strategic, measured pace of Summoner’s Rift.

Non-stop combat: From beginning to end, players will enjoy unrelenting skirmishes as they vie for control over the map – in League of Legends: Dominion, Summoners can expect an onslaught of one-on-one and small team fights.

Down-to-the-wire victories: Matches of League of Legends: Dominion are competitive until the very end – late-game comebacks are possible and the outcome is always in question.


As if this wasn’t exciting enough, a new champion was announced this weekend, Xerath the Magus Ascendant. Xerath builds off of the same mechanics as Kassadin’s ultimate, with his spells becoming progressively stronger the more he casts in rapid succession. This burst mage should really spice things up, especially on the new map Crystal Scar! Be sure to register your account now to get ready to hop into the new mode this week!

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