League of Legends PAX Prime Cosplay Contest

Heading to PAX Prime? Love League of Legends? Time to cosplay!



On Sunday, August 28 2011, Riot Games will be hosting a costume contest showcasing those fans who have dressed up in any League of Legends-inspired cosplay. So buckle on your armor, practice your best pose and prepare to battle at the Riot Games Booth on the fields of PAX Prime!


Signups will open at 1PM Pacific Time, with the actual event taking place between the hours of 2PM – 3PM. Riot will take your picture and introduce you to the crowd, so make sure you’re dressed to impress! The crowd will select three winners by applauding their favorite costumes!



WHAT: Costume Contest!

WHERE: PAX Prime Riot Games booth #3433

WHEN: Day 3 – Sunday, the 28th of August, 2011 from 2PM – 3PM Pacific Time. Signups open at 1PM.

WHY: Summoners who arrive in costume will receive a code redeemable for the now limited edition Riot Squad Singed skin, which is being retired to make room for a brand new face on the Riot squad. This will be your last chance to add Riot Squad Singed to your collection.



You could also win a fantastic prize! The top three costumes will receive…

1st Place Winner – 7200RP

2nd Place Winner – 5000RP

3rd Place Winner – 2800RP



Also be sure to keep a look out for DizzyPW, likely wearing one of his ridiculous hats, and you can get your picture featured at OnRPG as well!

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