League of Legends Releases Riven

League of Legends Releases Riven, The Exile



Today marks another champion release in League of Legends and the second among a new Noxian themed series known as the Crimson Elite. Riven is a tough infighter complete with the usual stuns, ranged abilities, and high AD scaling expected out of any real melee DPS character released in the current League of Legends meta. She carries an intense backstory of loyalty to the warlike nation of Noxus and Noxus’ inevitable betrayal once she no longer held value. Her signature Runic Blade, a symbol of Noxian technological power, has since been smashed as a symbol of her newfound freedom from Noxian control and pursuit of what she believes is the true ideals of her nation.





Passive – Runic Blade: Riven’s abilities charge her blade, causing her to do bonus damage on her next autoattack. Riven can store up to 3 charges, but only expend one at a time.


Broken Wings: Riven steps forward and lashes out in a series of powerful sword slashes. This ability can be reactivated up to 3 times in a short period.


~1st Use/2nd Use: Deals damage to a small area in front of her.


~3rd Use: Jumps into the air and slams downward, causing a larger impact nova that deals damage and knocks nearby enemies back.


Ki Burst: Riven damages and stuns nearby enemies.


Valor: Riven dashes forward and gains a shield for a short duration.


Blade of the Exile (Ultimate): Riven’s sword reforms, giving her a percentage multiplier on her total attack damage, extended range on her damaging abilities and basic attacks and the ability to use Wind Slash once.


`Wind Slash: While Blade of the Exile is active, Riven can reactivate the ability to emit a large shockwave that deals damage to all units hit based on their missing life.



A large number of reworks come along this patch. The sustain meta changes seem to still be in flux as Sona’s heal was powered up early game, and Taric was heavily reworked. For a detailed report on all changes and how they impact gameplay, stay tuned for Jason Harper’s Riven Review. Haven’t tested the waters yet? The current meta is one of the best ever so give it a try.

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