League of Legends Releases Skarner Mechanics

League of Legends Reveals Skarner Mechanics



Today Riot Games released a sneak peak of what we can expect from their next League of Legends champion, Skarner the Crystal Vanguard. Skarner is a predatory scorpion, wearing a head piece akin to an Egyptian headdress and leading a race of subterranean scorpions. As such he functions on a basis of producing fear in the opposition team and capitalizing on this fear to obstruct the enemy team’s map awareness and jungle presence.


The idea behind Skarner’s toolkit is to get on people, stay on them, and really capture that inevitability of being run down by a predatory creature. Unlike most champions that follow this pattern though, Skarner lacks a gap closing jump attack.


The primary way Skarner overcomes this weakness and stays a sticky melee fighter is through his ability Crystal Slash and his passive, Energize. Crystal Slash does a quick, point-blank AOE and empowers the ability if it hits. Empowered casts will do bonus damage and slow (making successive uses really useful for sticking to his target). His passive causes his spells to cool down faster each time he auto-attacks – a natural combination with the empowered Crystal Slash.


Properly utilizing Skarner’s passive is central to his gameplay as a whole. For example, Skarner’s ability Crystalline Exoskeleton puts up a shield that grants additional movement and attack speed while it’s up. The bonus attack speed will help greatly decrease the cooldown time of his abilities, leading to additional Crystal Slashes or more uptime on this steroid.


Skarner’s marquee ability is Impale. As hinted in OnRPG’s E3 interview, Skarner’s ultimate causes him to skewer an opponent with his tail and drag them around for a few seconds. The positional manipulation of the ability can turn a teamfight by peeling an enemy off of a wounded ally, or dragging a greedy enemy into a tower. It also adds a bit of horror feel when one of your allies is skewered and pulled into a bush in the middle of the jungle.


Skarner truly is the long awaited monster champion the League of Legends community has been waiting for. If you haven’t checked this game out yet there has never been a better time!

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