League of Legends Season 1 Final on Now!

League of Legends Season 1 Final on Now!


It has come down to Team Against All Authority (France) versus FnaticMSI (EU)! They are tied 1 game to 1 and entering into the final match. The first game was decisive and determined by an aggressive Jungle Jarvin leading team aAa to victory!


Fnatic’s Brand (mid) put up a valiant effort, nearly double killing Jarvin and Irelia in a perfectly executed gank. However the overall efficiency and map control of aAa prevailed in the end. Tune in now to catch the final match and learn how the pros really do it!


This was Fnatic’s first decisive loss of the tournament. aAa has shown that the unstoppable EU titans have a chink in their armor. Can they make a comeback and bring down the fan favorite of DreamHack? Tune in now and find out for yourself!






Despite a valiant effort, Fnatics overcame aAa in the end, claiming the championship for the EU. Congrats to the winners and runner ups, both of which are walking away with hefty sums of money and memories to last a life time.


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