League of Legends Shows New Mastery Trees

League of Legends Announces New Masteries in Season 2




Season 2 is upon us and one of the most drastic changes announced in Riot Game’s popular MOBA, League of Legends, is a complete overhaul of the mastery trees.



Riot is preparing to make choices more dynamic and less cookie cutter when deciding masteries by removing elements that previously forced players down one tree due to their role in a party rather than personal play style. Under the new system players will find multiple viable choices and each Ryze you meet on the battlefield is likely going to feel a bit different as a result of it.



Of course with the increase of new items, particularly in the new Dominion Mode, this was also done as a balancing test to help incorporate the new items into a more balanced system. Up until now Dominion mode has been a chaotic slug fest and this will hopefully bring a bit more order to it for some champions known to dominate Dominion.



One of the primary changes that will really open up the options for players is the adjustment of summoner spell masteries to the bottom tier of each tree. Previously players wanting to maximize the effectiveness of popular summon spells like flash and clairvoyance were forced to stat deep into the utility tree to capitalize on them. With the ability to put one point into the tree that boosts your masteries for flash and clairvoyance, this will no longer be the case and support characters can begin to explore the unknown realms of the attack and defense tree should they wish to.



Stay tuned for future installments of Hhean’s League of Legends Champion Review column for a more in-depth look at how this impacts gameplay and the future of League of Legends! Until then be sure to join our League of Legends discussion board to give your opinion on these new masteries.

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