League of Legends Spectator Mode Enters Beta

League of Legends Spectator Mode Enters Beta



Tired of sitting around bored waiting for your buddies to finish a League of Legends match? Well soon you’ll have a new option to pass the time in Riot Games’ acclaimed MOBA, League of Legends. Spectator Mode has entered limited beta and will soon be making its way onto the live servers for your viewing pleasure.



Spectator Mode allows you to be an invisible 6th member of a team, panning around the map, adding or removing various features like fog of war to make watch the game the way you choose to. With this mode you will now be able to tune in to your favorite player during breakfast, or see your friends trolling the enemy with only a slight delay. No longer will you have to take your friend’s word for granted when discussing their League of Legends accomplishments.



In addition, Riot President Marc Merrill released a new video discussing the launch of season 2. Professional teams can once again do battle at high-profile tournaments around the world including Major League Gaming, the Electronic Sports League, and the IGN Pro League to rack up points and compete in next year’s Season 2 championship. Combined with spectator mode, these matches will offer players interactivity never before realized in League of Legends tournaments.



For more information, check out the video announcement here!

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