Smite’s Xing Tian Charity Event Discussion

SMITE Xing Tian's Mountain Mode Trailer

Myself and Colton, the amazing team that make up Bottom Tier had a bit of a chat this morning about the Xing Tian Charity Challenge. And he was considering making a video [maybe he/we still will, no idea] but I think this is definitely an idea worth putting to paper. If you base our participation off of simply being Bottom Tier, RE: Our stream/youtube channel, we are literally the smallest group in the contest. With our stream having a whopping 325 followers [and we love each and every one of them!], we’re the small dog in this fight. Sure, MMOHuts’ has about 450k or so followers, we don’t post a lot of content there. Most of it are Colton’s reviews, I don’t have a lot of a showing there. But it’s not a complaint, not a bit of whining, because we love our fans and simply being involved. And as of this writing, we’re in first place.

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Not many of these other groups are even posting video, streaming, or even announcing that they’re involved at all! Four out of the ten did, I believe, and we’re standing on the top of that proverbial heap. Not to rest on our laurels, we’re working hard and working as a team to move as far as we possibly can. Because it’s not about us: It’s about charity. That’s the part that really hurt my feelings. You’d think channels with half a million bloody followers could mention it to their viewers, their fans, what they’re fighting for. To consider/urge them to donate to the cause of their choice too. I’m not trying to start a fight, or cast shade on people. I’m just a little disappointed. We talk about it all the time, to anyone who will listen. And even to a lot of people that just tune us out. I’m privileged to even be a part of it, as is Colton. To be able to help those who cannot help themselves is reward enough. It just disappoints me that people aren’t talking about their involvement more. Get it out there! No matter where you are in the standings!

. . . But I’d be lying if I didn’t like seeing “Ragachak” and “MMOHuts” and having a link back to the Bottom Tier sitting neatly at No. 1. I do so love winning. The challenge isn’t over, and we here at Bottom Tier, and MMOHuts/OnRPG are going to keep fighting. What are we fighting for? Connor’s Cure! It’s a charity that is working towards a cure for pediatric cancer, which is horrifying. Even a dollar helps, guys. It’s a cause we believe in, and you can find more about it here!

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