Let’s Talk: CHROMA SQUAD!?

A real conversation between me and my Boss, MissyS:

MissyS: LinkedIn, ilu but I am not a UFX/Design artist. Where did you get that idea.
MissyS: Yes.
Ragachak: This is either the best thing or the worst thing.
MissyS: And they’re porting it to like, every platform.
Ragachak: Best Thing. Gotcha.


So, let’s talk about this. What’s Chroma Squad? We have a video teaser, but let me go into detail: It’s everything I’ve ever wanted from a Tactical Game. I am a tremendous fan of Tokusatsu Programs: Super Sentai [here as the Power Rangers] and Kamen Rider [we’re not going into that today. I’m not drunk enough]. But this is a tactical RPG based on a group of five people that wanted to have their own Toku Studio and put on their own show. You create the characters based on a series of tropes, colors, and cool names. You name the studios! You get a giant robot [which stands on cardboard]! You produce episodes of a Power Rangers show and do sweet team attacks! There’s so much amazing stuff here that it would take a legitimate review to do it! I never got a chance to do it when I first got the game because we were simply too busy.

Chroma Squad character creator

But in 2017, Chroma Squad is coming to virtually all platforms! Steam [which I already have it for]! PS4! Xbox One! I’m so excited! I AM SO DAMN EXCITED. There are tons of clever written references to past Sentai shows, it has multiple endings! I cannot think of a single thing I didn’t enjoy other than it occasionally freezing up on me. That made me want to pull my hair out. It was still being worked on so I can’t really complain about that. But rest assured, I won’t be letting coverage of this game die a second time! Chroma Squad is still available on Steam, but it’s coming to console next year so be excited for it! This is one of those rare times I’m elated to see a big company grab up a small property.

Chroma Squad stage results

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