Digital Homicide Lawsuit Discussion


Can you think of a single game made by Digital Homicide? I know I can’t, but maybe you can. We’re not talking about their “groundbreaking” The Slaughtering Grounds, a First-Person Survival Shooter. . .We’re talking about Valve today. One of the best things about Steam’s interface is being able to leave ratings and reviews of games and be just as honest as you please. I recently wrote about people being paid to say good things, which I find repugnant. However, this is ludicrous on a whole different level. Digital Homicide is feverishly adamant about protecting their product, and God help you if you talked shit about it on Steam. What happened, you might ask? Well. . .


About 100 of the users in their Steam Community are being sued by Digital Homicide! You heard me right. They’re suing people in their community [18. Fucking. Million. Dollars]. Now, I know you’re asking “Jason! Why the hell are they being sued? Did they steal this technological marvel? Pirating one of the greatest games of our entire generation, possibly even all generations?” No, my friends. That is not the case, not at all. Digital Homicide claims to have over 20,000 instances of personal attacks, negative posts across social media about their games. Much of it is the typical internet vitriol [Lol kill urself, ur game sucks, it’s the worst thing on the Internet, et cetera], but they are so violently upset that they’re trying to get 18 million dollars from anonymous Internet trolls. I commend their dedication to this towering inferno of video game technology. How did Steam respond? Other than no doubt, gales of laughter. They pulled all Digital Homicide games from the Steam library. They’ll probably try and sue Valve next. Gaben probably blows his nose with indie developers that have trifled with him.

I’m seriously wowed by this. I don’t. . . I don’t understand. If you want to know the whole story, I have something for you to watch from Jim Sterling. It pretty succinctly explains all of this shit.

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