ESO: Morrowind Review

I will cover as little of the story as absolutely possible. There are restrictions in place on stuff I can/cannot talk about, so I’m going to endeavor to avoid those things.

ESO Morrowind Editorial 1

Go, my ally! No! Get out of the camera!

I love this expansion. I want to get that out of the way, before we get into the nitty gritty on my thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind It’s wonderful. I spent a lot of time in chat talking to players about what they thought of Morrowind so far because when I first did a beta for this game, there were some.. negative folks. Mostly “Why are there people in my Skyrim?! This ain’t right!” That was probably the nicest thing I read, those many years ago. However, the game has truly grown and evolved since then, and it’s finally time for the first real expansion for Elder Scrolls Online: That’s right, Morrowind! One of the most interesting things I read was it was like a trip back to some players’ teenage years. The word on the street now is a far more positive one. Everyone I spoke to loved where the expansion is going. Personally, I did not play Morrowind when it was relevant, but I did play it! So it doesn’t have quite the same grip on me as some of those other players. But I did play over the past week, made my Warden, and settled into the untamed wilds of Vvardenfell! I played a Dark Elf/Dunmer [if you will], and one thing that I definitely appreciated was that I was still treated very much as an outsider. No matter what you play, it’s made painfully clear by many of the quest givers/NPCs that you are not welcome on Vvardenfell, no matter what your intentions are. I may not have played when it came out, but I tell you, I’ve really fallen for this world.

ESO Morrowind Editorial 2

Your ultimate goal is to aid Vivec though. Sure, he might be an arrogant, obnoxious bag of dicks, basically holding his kingdom hostage with that giant boulder hovering in the sky… as long as he’s healthy and powerful, so will that boulder remain in the sky. Come on, really? What a jerk. But his power is waning for a mysterious reason, and we’re going to find out about it. Eventually. But I honestly got as far as learning that there were mysterious circumstances in the air, doing some divination with the Archcanon [who also… didn’t really care for me too much], before I wandered into the world to get into some trouble! That’s what you do as a hero in this world, right? Find out what your ultimate goal is then run in the opposite way? No? Well… that’s what I do! I also found myself mixed up in some politics! There are some pretty heavy choices going on when you get mingled into the affairs of a pair of Dunmer brothers who are running a pretty shady mining operation. So what do I do? Sneak around, try to gather information? Figure out which was right and wrong, get the facts, and appropriate due justice? Well, I can’t tell you, but I can tell you that so far, quite a few bodies have been left in my wake. Even early into areas, there are serious choices going down, and I hope that they have long-lasting effects on the geopolitical landscape.

ESO Morrowind Editorial 3

What a positively delightful fellow…

This content is unlike anything I’ve experienced in Elder Scrolls Online. You have an overarching goal so far, one that’s a bit more clear than the original ESO story [I think, anyway]. Each zone feels different, reach region with its own problems to solve and its own characters with their own political agendas. I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds! I have heard some people complain about issues with mana recharging though. Apparently, it has to do with balancing PVP and PVE together, but I haven’t had that problem. I leveled some of my abilities into using stamina instead of Magicka so I have had zero issues except in very prolonged fights. However, I am happy with Warden. It’s been an absolute blast, and it feels in a way like they might be too strong. They can tank, heal, dps, they can do it all. And the beauty of the ESO franchise is that you can do whatever! Level whichever skills you want, you aren’t forced down one path. I do recommend putting effort into Animal Companion early though, and get that bear! I mean…what’s cooler than running around with a big pissed off bear that kills on your command!? Absolutely adore them as a class. It really feels like something that belongs in this world, something more customizable than the other classes.

ESO Morrowind Editorial 4

This isn’t even a bit ominous.

How do I feel? 10/10, Hype Train’s Moving Fast.

ESO Morrowind Editorial 5

When I went to the studio proper, I didn’t get to play the game, but I learned a lot about it. Now that I actually have it in my hands, I have to say that it’s wonderful beyond my expectations. Elder Scrolls Online has come such a long way since its inception, and One Tamriel was just the beginning. It’s like they were setting up for this all along, and it’s beautiful. The island feels so raw, so alive, the creatures you do battle with are deadly and visually appealing. The Delves [which I won’t go into detail on] are huge! I had plenty to do in each one, and not once did I feel like I could stop for a second. There are too many things going on and as someone who is easily distracted..this is both good and bad. Mostly good! I like being able to turn in any direction and find content. There are absolute piles of lore you can learn from the characters, books, and just by looking around! Fans of the original game [Elder Scrolls: Morrowind] will find lots of nods and references to the original if they look hard enough, and that’s fantastic. As this takes place in the current ESO timeline [which is significantly before the ES Games], I love seeing how we shape and cause the events to make the original Morrowind story happen. That fills me with joy. If you’re a fan of either, you owe it to yourself to be playing it. And this is the best time! Get Morrowind, make a Warden, do the content for Vvardenfell, and then go to the mainland and pick up what went down there! You literally cannot lose. You don’t have to do any earlier content before you play on Vvardenfell, and that’s majestic. More MMOs should do that…

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  • Alzeric

    When I first saw the video for this expansion I was immediately intrigued. Just recently, I got to read about the warden class and became ecstatic about them joining the game. I still remember the launch of this game and how devastated I was with it. They have done a lot over the years now to bring this up to what we were all hoping it would be. Can’t wait to play this.

    • Ragachak

      Oh I agree wholeheartedly. And Warden’s fun as Hell. I’m really glad to see how much this game has grown and changed. I remember when it first dropped and I did beta…those were dark times.

      • Alzeric

        Yeah, I did a bunch of the betas and was really hoping that they were working on many of the problems that we reported on. XD