EVO 2016 Discussion

Street Fighter V March Update

The advent of online gaming has made it a lot easier for people to enter the professional fighting circuit, and there are players who primarily play in arcades, and have for years, and people who are what are often dubbed “online warriors”. No disrespect to them whatsoever for I too, am one! But fighting games have come a long way from just being in smoky bingo halls and arcades for tournaments. Huge tourneys exist all around the world, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, you name it. But there are some that stand out more than others. In particular, there is EVO 2016! EVO is quite possibly the biggest tournament on this side of the world, with players numbering in the thousands vying for top spots in everything from Smash 4 to MKXL and of course, Street Fighter V. We’re talking WrestleMania for fighting games. This is the Super Bowl. The big dance. I’m excited. I am so damn excited.

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Huge amounts of money are on the line! I was supposed to be there in a Media capacity, but unfortunately, it’s not cheap to fly coast to coast. And I’ll be at Pax West, so it’s all about balance. That’s not the issue here though! In the past, you had to be a subscriber on a stream to get the really high quality footage and enjoy the tournament. Now you have so many more options! ESPN will be showing the tournament; yes, that’s how big it is now. I figure, if MTG can be on a sports network, so can fighting games. There will be non-sub streams this year for people to see the action in glorious high definition. It fills me with joy that virtually everyone can watch this time without having to shell out extra money to see their favorite players take the top prize. Sure, lots of players aren’t going to make it to top 16, hell, top 32 or 64. But who am I betting on to win it all in Street Fighter V?

My three picks:

  • Jonathan “EG|KBrad” Bradley
  • EG|Hellokitty Ricki, Ricki Ortiz

There are a few others I’d like to see go all the way. Kenny Omega, if you’re going, I’d love to see you take it all too! #bulletclub This is one of my favorite times of the year. I have had a love of fighting games since my youth, and though I’m no prize fighter, I love the community, I love the games, and I put in time to get better when I can. I’m hoping to secure an interview or two post-EVO as well to go up here. Stay tuned! Gonna do my best to give you guys some weekend/late weekend coverage if at all possible! STAY HYPED AND RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN.

Do you have predictions? Drop ’em below!


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