Gawker is shutting down, Brother

It’s time already for: Unpopular Opinions from Jason, representing the Bottom Tier News Entertainment System.


Gawker is shutting down next week! I’m really of two minds on this: I feel bad for people losing their jobs because someone was an absolute tit. But I’m not a fan of their work or work acumen. So what spelled their end? It could be any number of things. My money is on the lawsuit that Hollywood Hulk Hogan dropped on them! However, my dream is not quite here, because certain websites from the Gawker Media Group will still exist. Univision has bought out Gawker Media, so I’m sure plenty of people will be signed on as editors, janitors, sandwich salesmen or meteorologists. I hope seeing the dong of the Hulkster was worth losing a company over. I won’t be losing sleep over it [but I might if I had seen that sex tape].


I’m willing to bet the end result is that Univision is going to buy them all out, fire the entire staff, and rebrand it as “La Kotaku”. While yes, a fair amount of their media program will still exist on the Internet for now, it could be the end of one of the Mega Media Sites but may make Univision stronger than ever. Their publishing of the Hulk Hogan sex tape was not journalism. It was an invasion of a man’s privacy, no matter what you might think of him and what he’s said and done lately in the news. It was repugnant and if they thought that nothing would come of it, well. . .Lesson learned! That lesson is: The Hulkster doesn’t job to anyone, even Gawker.

What do you guys think? Is it justice? Did they not deserve it? Freedom of the press? Was it even news?

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  • Eric Marsh

    I think Hulk Hogan was completely in the right to sue Gawker for invasion of privacy, especially since there really was no journalistic value in publishing the video. If they used a non-explicit screenshot, that’d be another matter, but doing what they did? Disgusting.