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I enjoy Tower Defense/MOBA games quite a lot, but I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s not so easy to reinvent the wheel. It’s not always necessary to do, because a lot of games try to shake things up and it just turns out awful [this is not one of them]. I have a lot of MOBAs on that list, but it’s not really necessary to go into. Not today. Hell Warders is a Tower Defense style game set in a 3D world, sort of like you might find in SMITE, but it’s a more realistic, sharper fantasy style design. It’s not cartoony. Visually, it reminds me of something like Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Over the weekend I had a few full matches, that were just intense. Alas, my video got corrupted, so I had to take some new screens this week. I have noticed that it’s a bit more empty during the week, but I think that’s less about the quality of the game [which is high] and more… people are busy! I get it. In most Tower Defense games or MOBAs these days, the soldiers and grunts just march into the other side to die. You know what this made me think of? The Tower Defense mini-game in Final Fantasy 7. You place your own soldiers onto the field, where you want them. You point them, you put them down. They have their own attacks and health bar separate from each other.

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You can fall off the Map and die though, so you have to absolutely be careful of backtracking away from the Demonic forces that you have to face down while protecting your Nexus. Okay, so that almost became a Wutang reference. So here’s how this works. You pick a character on the start screen [that character is locked to that “name” so you have to make a second character to play as someone else], and join a battle. Each stage has its own pitfalls and problems, like tornados, lava, pits, rotating blades. You absolutely cannot spend too much time just focusing on minion placement and demon battling, because you can and probably will fall to your doom. You have some glowing pieces on the map which represent the troops you can place, so work as a team and place them at the most important points on the map, like spots you might not be able to get to quickly, or to defend your Nexus, which is the ultimate goal. You have waves to survive, and the standard seems to be 8. The waves are relentless and unforgiving though. They aren’t going to be easy, and there are a wide variety of them. Short ones with big ol’ eyeballs, large hulking monstrosities with wings, you name it. And the characters are certainly different too. You have:

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  • Ash, The Ember Knight: The sword and board, the heavy armored sentinel. Not really my cup of tea in this game. However, they are beefy and more than capable of stemming the tides of the hordes of darkness.
  • The Deadeye: This was my personal favorite. Why? I saw they were dual-wielding shotguns, first off. Couple that with a grenade launcher and a minigun? Come on, now. They’re the range DPS, though I think the grenade’s got a bit of a lackluster arc/fire speed.
  • Samson III, the De-Throned: I didn’t get much of a feel for Samson, but they look amazing. That beard is majestic, as is the beatdown they provide. He can set kegs of explosives, then knock them towards the enemy with his Ki Wave.

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All told, I’m really enjoying this game. Looking forward to seeing more than the two maps I’ve had access to thus far, but the characters are certainly unique, and battling the forces of evil is something I can get behind. The game is not easy, but I do enjoy everything from the physics engine, to the look and the sounds of the game. It’s still in Beta, but I highly, highly recommend going to their Indiegogo for access/perks! The more people we get playing this, the faster matches are found, and the more demons we can obliterate with bullets and explosions. And who doesn’t want that!? They have definitely found a new, fun way to tackle the Tower Defense genre, and kudos to them for it.

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