Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Legend of Zelda and Jim Sterling Controversy

Zelda Horizon Editorial

This has actually been on my mind for a while now: The whole Horizon: Zero Dawn and Zelda controversy. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about it, because it doesn’t really concern me per se’, but in a way, it absolutely does. I have neither played nor reviewed either, though I’m definitely interested in them both. And what’s been happening to Jim Sterling over it is an absolute goddamn crime. Sure, his aesthetic is unsettling and makes me incredibly uncomfortable. For those of you who don’t know, Jim Sterling runs “The Jimquisition“, where he does gaming news, reviews, etc, all in his very unique, very distinct style. It’s his brand. As a journalist and game reviewer, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Jim, his honesty, his journalistic integrity. He doesn’t stray away from controversy, and instead embraces it. But I do desperately wish he didn’t make his aesthetic so. . . Third Reich. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable, to the point where I don’t watch many of his videos. I’ll listen, and chuckle, and appreciate his view, but I don’t watch much because it makes my skin crawl. However, he’s come under fire, DDoS, Death Threats, even more than normal, because of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Horizon: Zero Dawn and all of the controversy that has come with it.

Zelda Horizon Editorial 2

Breath of the Wild was the highest rated game of all time, which, I guess is a big deal? I’m not saying anything negative about the game, because I haven’t played it, so I have no real say-so. But he dared to give Zelda a 7/10. The overreaction has been incredulous. I’ve never heard of such idiocy over a damn video game. In fact, any outlet that hasn’t praised it as the Second Coming [or First Coming, in my community], has been attacked, threatened, and harassed. The way it’s working out, is if you praise Horizon more than Zelda, you’re a Sony shill, and vice versa, as some horrid Nintendo Fanboy. Our own Colton/Solanias has in fact, played both. He loves both games, for varying reasons. Does he love one over the other? Maybe, but I haven’t asked in a professional capacity! People have been ratings-bombing [purposely dropping “0”s to make it a lower rating than Zelda], because fans have the nerve, the utter gall to like something more than Zelda! In one of Jim’s recent articles, readable here, This confuses me though: Why? Why is this necessary?

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This is real life.

In fact, from this article, one of my favorite quotes, one of the most disturbing ones came from his research. “The game score is way too high,” they said of Horizon. “Don’t have the game will buy it, probably will enjoy it. giving this game 0 out of 10 in the name of Zelda for all those PS fanboys. good day! =)” This is from “skysayrain”, a user on Metacritic.  Take that comment in, really soak it in. This sort of attitude is repulsive, though. At the end of the day, we’re all video game fans. We love what we love, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem, though. . . Why do we have to act like this? Can’t we all just love gaming, and appreciate the hard work that goes into them? The major companies congratulated each other when huge games came out like Zelda. Microsoft and Sony both congratulated Nintendo! Do we have to act like howling idiots and throw feces at each other because our favorite game isn’t on the top of the heap? Come on, that makes all of us look bad. I feel embarrassed to even have to bring it up! You don’t have to like everything [in fact, I dislike a lot of things] but you should respect other peoples’ decisions. If Zelda isn’t the highest rated game of all time, that’s not a crime. Threatening someone’s life over it? That kind of is. I may not agree with all of Jim Sterling’s opinions, but I damn sure respect them. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”, as they say. A one percent dip in the Zelda rating? So what!? Does that make you love the game any fucking less? Of course it doesn’t! The game didn’t suddenly get worse because one percent left its Metacritic score!

Love what games you love, don’t harass other people because they don’t agree with you, or like something less than you do. Does that even seem remotely rational? Thank you, Jim. Keep doing what you’re doing. I haven’t met him, but I appreciate his take on gaming. At the end of the day. . . Does a number on a website lower how much you love something? If it does, you should really think about that.

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    But if someone isn’t telling me how good something is, or telling me what I’m supposed to like because it has a good number,… then how am I supposed to know what games I’m supposed to be playing?

    It’s not like I have eyes, or ears or a soul that would resonate a response to viewing the ads, trailers, or demos for a game, right?

    • Dale A Ginger-Riquelme

      The upsetting thing is that sure everyone has varied opinions of what constitutes a good game, but god death threats because he found certain aspects of the game irritating or immersion breaking? Blasphemy…..

  • Endathel

    Cancer is cancer