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Marvel Heroes Omega 4

A lot of positive stuff coming from me this week and next week! Goodness. I did not expect to play so many things that were frankly, so very good. This means that MissyShade has something evil, and vile in store, something to make me gnash my teeth and howl in frustration. For now, though, we’re going to talk about something… marvelous. Come on, I thought it was funny! Marvel Heroes Omega is the PS4 port of Marvel Heroes 2016! Honestly? I like this rebrand more than putting a date on the end of it, especially since it’s no longer 2016. That evil year is gone forever. Presently, Marvel Heroes Omega is in closed beta on PS4 and will have a wipe. With that in mind, I haven’t really grinded super hard, because I’m definitely going to play again. Maybe more than I did on PC! Yes, I enjoy it that much. I haven’t really messed with playing the PC version with a controller but once or twice and did not have a lot of success. I was hoping it would recognize my controller and go, but it didn’t. However, it plays so damn well on the console. The angle for the isometric action is good, the buttons feel right, and nothing in combat is too far away. The zoom in, while not practical, does let you get a really solid look at the characters.

Marvel Heroes Omega 3

But there is one thing I want to talk about in particular. There’s a new addition that probably wouldn’t work on PC, or at least, not easily. The PS4 version has couch co-op. Yes. Couch effing co-op. You and a friend can sit on the couch, each with a controller, and get some Marvel action in! However, few friends of mine live nearby these days, so I haven’t tried it. I don’t know if you each use your account or if you use the owner’s PS4 account. Either way would be fantastic, except I like to get my own items, and not get items for someone else! This is the coolest thing to be added to the game. Sure, Diablo 3 has couch co-op, it’s not the first MMO/ARPG to have it, but hot damn if I’m not more excited for it! I didn’t care for Diablo on console, but I adore Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4. The only gripe I had [which I passed on] is you can purchase skins for characters that you don’t own yet. I misjudged who I had accrued via Founders Packs and bought a skin for a character I didn’t have. Well, now I have the character too, but it’s the principle of it! This is a game I feel should have been on console way before now. No idea why it wasn’t, but we’ve been streaming it a bit on Bottom Tier and will again before long. I’ve always been a strong proponent of “spending money on a free game if it isn’t pay to win”, and anyone who says Marvel Heroes is pay to win has lost their damn mind. You don’t have to spend money on characters, but it is definitely faster. Plus you can always try the character to level 10 to see what you want.

Marvel Heroes Omega 1

It’s the same game, but it’s on a whole new platform, a new audience. I know a lot of people who were in our stream Saturday who had never played it, but once they got their hands on it [because they don’t have decent pcs] they didn’t stop! It was amazing seeing so many people on my PSN friends list getting down with it! It made me happy. As of right this writing, the whole cast isn’t there, but it will grow steadily. Perhaps we’ll have a giveaway for some closed beta keys here soon! All told, you need to get in on this, pick up a Founders Pack, find a friend with a key, do what you have to! This is the definitive version of Marvel Heroes. I’ve heard from some folks they think the framerate’s a bit slower than the PC version but honestly, it didn’t bother me so much. The UI was wonderful, and I kind of wish some of it would be moved right over to PC. I can’t imagine people who have spent hundreds, thousands of hours swapping over unless there were some kind of character transfer [but I don’t see that happening]. The target has to be people who don’t play games on PC, and who miss Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I miss it, and I know a lot of folks who do too. And thank you for couch co-op. That’s a beautiful thing. I’ve talked about it once, but it bears repeating. It’s the same great story with most of the same characters [the rest are coming, promise], it’s just a whole new way to experience it. No matter how much time I’ve spent on the console version [and it’s a lot], I still love playing on PS4.

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  • Endathel

    They really did a good job with this, considering i played on pc at launch theyve improved all the right facets of gameplay

  • Mike Guzman

    Love watching you play this